Ty Glasfryn, Ffairfach, Llandeilo​, Carmarthenshire.

I have recently graduated with a 3D design degree from Plymouth University.

As a designer I am very focused on aesthetics. I often consider the aesthetic of my designs before the function has been decided. Recently I have been captivated with the ancient Japanese wood charring technique named ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ or ‘Yakisugi’. Although this is typically used as a method to weather and preserve wood, I developed it to create an aesthetic feature, giving a material a popping, striped effect.

Whenever I sit down to design something, the first thing I do is focus on its aesthetic. It’s not only the beginning of design for me but it carries through the whole process from sketching to producing. I aim to create something so visually striking that if someone walks into a room and sees my product, I want them to be engaged and captivated.

Please get in touch if you have an enquiry about purchasing any of my pieces.

email: radocdesign@zoho.eu
Website: www.radocdesign.co.uk

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