Cymdeithas Chwaraeon Llandeilo Fawr | Llandeilo & District Sports Association

The Association was set up as an initiative of  Llandeilo Fawr Town Council Regeneration Sub Group and it aims to help local sports clubs and people in the Llandeilo area.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To promote sporting opportunities
  • To be a voice for local sporting issues
  • To work to improve the provision of training and playing facilities.
  • To provide equal opportunities for successful participation by all sections of the community.

The Constitution: Llandeilo Sports Assoc Constitution 2015 (pdf)

Downloadable Grant forms (PDF for for printing out and sending back):

LSA 1.1 Coaching/Individual Application Form (PDF)

LSA2.2 Equipment Application Form (PDF)

Downloadable Grant forms (Word format for downloading and emailing back):

Word icon LSA 1.1 Coaching/Individual Application Form (Word)

Word icon LSA2.2 Equipment Application Form (Word)

More information:

LSA Privacy Policy (PDF)

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