Castle Courtyard, 113 Rhosmaen St., Llandeilo SA19 6HN

Pitchfork and Provision is an independent artisan bakery and café situated in the heart of Llandeilo Carmarthenshire.

Central to our philosophy is the use of seasonal locally sourced quality ingredients. At the heart of it all we are craft bakers, our bread products are free from additives and avoid the use of commercial yeast, instead we opt for our 10+ year old sourdough leaven. On average each batch of our bread takes around 36 hours from the initial mix to producing the final product, although once they hit the shelves it’s fair to say they’re not there for long!

By working directly with local producers, we aim to ensure both the produce and supply chains are celebrated. All our café menu together with market produce are prepared in house by our team of professional chefs and bakers to provide the tastiest breads as well as savouries, pastries and cakes.

Tel | Ffôn: +44 7415774330
Email | E-bost:

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