Lets Spend Some Money in Llandeilo

What would make your life better?!You are invited to submit a project proposal that in some way addresses one of the following community priorities:
(These were identified through asking the question, “What would improve your life?”)
– Young People
– Children
– Green Spaces

Download the Proposal form here. (MS Word Document)

A fund of up to £20,000 is available for any member of the community within the boundaries of Llandeilo and its surrounding areas who can connect, and engage residents, through the delivery of a community activity.

Participatory Budgeting directly involves local people in making decisions on the spending priorities for a defined public budget.
This means engaging residents and community groups, representative of all parts of the community, to discuss spending priorities, make spending proposals and vote on them.

More information here: www.facebook.com/CommunityActionHubLlandeilo

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