Llandeilo Festival of Senses Virtual Festival 2020

The event started Friday October 30th and will run at least for all of November.

This year we are unable to light up Llandeilo with the usual Festival, however don’t be disappointed: The Festival of Senses Committee (aka Elves) having been working with retailers and stalls from the last festival and this year we will be holding “Llandeilo Virtual Festival of Senses” accessible through Facebook.

Eleni, ni fyddwn yn gallu goleuo Llandeilo gyda’r gŵyl arferol, ond peidiwch poeni : Mae Pwyllgor Gŵyl y Synhwyrau (y corachod!) wedi bod yn gweithio gyda gwerthwyr a stondinau o’r ŵyl diwethaf ac eleni byddwn yn cynnal “Gŵyl Y Synhwyrau Rhithwir Llandeilo” a ellir ei fynychu trwy Facebook.

Every day Stall holders will update visitors about special offers, their products and how to purchase them, there will be raffles and draws for people who share the events and posts. The Llandeilo Virtual Festival of Senses will run from October 30th and at least all of November. Christoph Fischer, Chair of the Festival of Senses Committee, stated “we want to continue to support the hard hit businesses to survive the pandemic and come out the other end of these dark times strong and healthy”.

In line with our usual festival shopping areas we have grouped our businesses and stall holders in four groups:

Find out more: www.facebook.com/LlandeiloFestivalOfSenses

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